Omello is the joint venture of two South African Family Businesses, Macmilk and Orange Grove Dairy.

Omello Story

“The Macmilk story started in 2020 as a family adventure, during lockdown, in the Campbell kitchen in Durban. I had started moving towards a more plant-based diet dragging Theo, my husband, along with me!

We couldn't believe that the only other macadamia nut milk available in our country (at the time) was actually being made Down Under and imported to us. We chatted to our mac-farmer friends. They confirmed for us that South Africa was the largest producer of macs globally - absolutely nuts!

So, we decided to create a product that not only tasted delicious, but also added value locally. And packed a hefty health punch! We tested many different nut milk recipes. Met with mac-nut farmers. Collaborated with local baristas and food scientists. Finally, creating one litre of lekker that we excitedly shared with you.

- Sam

Sam is the inspiration behind Macmilk. Tragically, as the Omello journey was gaining momentum, she passed away from a heart attack. Meet Sam to learn more about this inspiring woman we remember through our Cocoa Macadamia Milk Sweetened with Dates that we call Sam.

Orange Grove Dairy was started in 1927 by Cecil and Shelia Durham. Over the years it grew and each generation of Durhams added to the legacy. The dairy expanded operations and moved to its current site, Glynton Farm, nestled under the Biggersberg Mountains. The Orange Grove product range diversified to include maas, cream, 100% juices and nectars, dairy-fruit mixes, yoghurts, long life juices and milks, Amahewu and Dairy Snacks. By 2019 Orange Grove products were enjoyed across KZN, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Eastern Cape and the Orange Free State.

On 1 April 2019, disaster struck when 80% of the factory complex was destroyed in a fire. The bold and valiant decision was taken to see the destruction as an opportunity to restructure a new and even better Orange Grove Dairy factory complex. One that could continue to provide employment and quality products for generations to come.

Out of the ashes, the Orange Grove family rallied and created the Can-Do Team. A group of future-focused and passionate staff, partners and customers who helped rebuild Orange Grove. The result is an ultra-modern, world-class and high-tech factory complex. Production processes were optimally streamlined, improving efficiency and expanding capacity. All the while ensuring that the great tastes enjoyed by generations of South Africans remain on shelves. Read all about Orange Grove Dairy at
Omello Logo
Omello means being passionate about living ideals that make a positive impact on the world. The name was chosen by the two family businesses because it aligns with what was envisioned when discussions started about how plant-based products, that were crafted in an ecologically conscious manner, could meet a growing global demand. Omello is the optimistic and passionate result of Macmilk and Orange Grove’s vision to bring quality South African plant-based products to environmentally and health-conscious enthusiasts.