Part of the Omello Ethos is to Preserve the Environment for Generations to come. We do this through our three-pronged approach:

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is one of the ways Omello makes a positive impact on your community, the environment, and the South African Economy. What happens when we buy local?

Omello Sustainability

Leveraging Technology

Using the latest technology means that we are constantly moving towards being more and more environmentally friendly. Packaging and production are two areas which can make a big impact on the environment and sustainability. How does Omello use technology to help green the environment?

Omello Sustainability

Responsible Stewardship of Resources

Omello Sustainability

One of the most valuable resources we all use is water. Without it we cannot survive. It’s with this in mind that we take the attitude that Every Drop Matters. Practically this means that we seek to maintain a waterwise life-path. This prevents water from being lost or wasted as we use it in production and to keep our factory clean. It also ensures that water is cleaned and then recycled for downstream purposes.