Meet Sam
Meet Sam
Meet Sam
Meet Sam
Meet Sam

The Inspiration & Heart Behind Omello

Sam was many things to many people – a loving wife, an extraordinary daughter, an awesome sister and the ultimate best friend. Her kindness touched many people from across the world as she effortlessly bridged cultures and languages to connect with others.

We lost Sam on 22nd February 2023, but somehow the connections she made are still as strong and vibrant as ever. The pure love she unconditionally gave still ripples through our community and touches people who never met her.

We hope that her story serves as an inspiration to treat others with kindness, be generous with time and remember to truly enjoy the little things in life, like a great cup of coffee, a sunrise and a wave breaking on the sea shore.

Embracing Sam’s Vision

Sam strongly believed that each one of us has the power to make a difference. Consequently, at Omello, we are not just a brand, we are a tribute to Sam’s vision of building a better future. Why did we start making an alternative plant-based milk? Sam discovered that despite being one of the biggest macadamia nut producers in the world, South Africa imported Macadamia Nut Milk! Through trial and error, we finally created a recipe, using local macadamia nuts, that we are proud to call our own. It only took one sip and seeing Sam’s infectious excitement to set us on our nut milk path.

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One of Sam’s crowning achievements was Omello’s delicious chocolate macadamia nut milk. It was her pride and joy, holding a special place in her heart. As you enjoy this creamy creation, know that it is made with absolute love!

Investing in Our Future

Our Omello vision of changing the world for the better, does not end at sustainable sourcing and being environmentally conscious. It extends into ensuring that we have an active corporate social responsibility portfolio. There two ways that you can partner with us to continue the legacy of change and community investment that Sam’s shining light led us on.

Become an Agent of Change

We invite you to continue Sam’s vision of intentionally spreading kindness, and positivity while doing good deeds by becoming an Agent of Change.

We will regularly be profiling other agents of change and female entrepreneurs. And thereby sharing their stories and tips/guidelines on navigating life and making a difference. Keep an eye out for ideas on all the different ways you can be an Agent of Change.

The Unconditional Trust

The Unconditional Trust will be set up, founded in Sam’s memory. This trust seeks to support local causes and invest in people who, like us, want to perpetuate a world of kindness, create community, and transform lives. Our aim is that every sip of Omello Milk contributes towards making positive changes in the lives around us.